The Diabolical Miss Hyde by Viola Carr


Sorry it’s been so long but life happens and e-readers need to be replaced! After getting my new one I finally got my hands on a novel I’ve been dying to read….The Diabolical Miss Hyde. As shocking as it may sound my favorite genre is Gothic Horror and one of my favorite stories has always been The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The ultimate good and evil allegory!

The Diabolical Miss Hyde is the first in a series of novels known as The Electric Empire Series. Set in a Steampunk era, with nifty gadgets and a compelling mystery, Viola Carr has turned Dr. Jekyll into a Steampunk Sherlock Holmes with a metal dog (talks like Doctor Who’s K-9). Dr. Eliza Jekyll is the daughter of the late Dr. Henry Jekyll and let’s just say she inherited his affliction. Granted, she seems to like her dark side a bit more than Henry.

Eliza has made a place for herself in a predominantly male led society but, of course, there’s got to be an antagonist. Some parts this novel are rushed with little help in understanding. There’s also areas where I honestly had no fucking clue what the author was saying and way way way more explanation was needed! There’s also a deeper backstory that was NEVER explained fully so by the end of the first novel I was annoyed as all hell.




The one thing that irked the tee total shit out of me was that the author decided to make Eliza’s bad side, Lizzie Hyde, develop feelings for the main male character. It made no sense. There was this believable tension between the male and Eliza and then this sharp turn where out of nowhere he’s fucking Lizzie. I was sitting here reading it and found myself literally shaking my head “no.” It honestly makes no damn sense. Hopefully she will rectify her actions in book two. I’ll definitely let you know!

The Diabolical Miss Hyde can be found at Barnes and Noble in paperback for $12.80 or on Nook for $8.99. It’s also the exact same price on Amazon.

Giving this one a 6 out of 10 due to sheer annoyance.


Silver Flame by Karpov Kinrade (Vampire Girl #3)


Guys…..guys…..HOLY SHIT this installment took this series to a whole new level! I was very impressed, overall, with this one. There’s dragons burning down forests, tiger dudes, flaming swords, explosions, and all around general badassery! Like it’s first two installments it’s short, only 176 pages, but it’s packed with action from the get go and shit just got real in the underworld!

*1,2,3,4 I declare a Hell war* Sorry, it popped into my head and it was catchy….

I still feel there are characters that have no purpose whatsoever and that some of the best parts of the story needed more in depth descriptions. The lead characters finally do the deed in this one and I wanted details, damnit! (Stop calling me a perv, like you don’t like a good sex scene!)

There were three major shockers in this one and I refuse to spoil any of them! I actually had to re-read a whole chapter because I wanted to make sure I read what I thought I read! I still feel like with better descriptions it would make an amazing novel series.

Silver Flame is available on Amazon Kindle for free, only if you have Kindle Unlimited, and for $3.99 for regular Kindle. Amazon also has the paperback version for $9.99 (with the length and lack of description I don’t recommend paying that much for it.) It is also available in paperback form from Barnes & Noble for $10.24.

This one is better than the two previous but still lacking a bit so I’m giving this on a 6.5 out of 10.

Vampire Girl by Karpov Kinrade


Buckle up my lovelies because you’re in for one Hell of a ride! ¬†“Vampire Girl” is the first in a series of novellas by a husband and wife team, Lux Kinrade and Dmytry Karpov. It follows an eighteen year-old girl named Arianna Spero as she discovers there’s been a contract on her soul made with the king of Hell and signed by her mother (there’s a good reason). Now she’s been whisked away to the realm of Hell where she has to spend time with the seven princes of Hell, in each of their kingdoms, in order to pick the new king of Hell since the old king has kicked the bucket….or was it murrrrrderrrrrr? *insert dramatic music here*

I actually stumbled across the trailer for this one while scrolling Facebook at 2 am because what the fuck else is there to do at that time of morning when you can’t sleep! I also had no idea that books now have live action trailers, which is slightly weird for me, but whatever works. The novella only has 153 pages so the pace is fast and there’s not a lot of room for in depth description, which was kind of a let down because I actually watched that live action trailer and it looked totally badass.

The relationships seem forced at times and thrown together. There’s nothing that irks me more than a forced, to the point of being as fake as Pamela Anderson’s boobs, relationship. If it’s going to happen at least make it feel believable! I will take this opportunity to say I have already read book two and I’m currently on book three, the review on book two is coming tomorrow.

“But, Heather, you’re ripping this book a new asshole why would you read the whole series?,” you may be asking yourself, or you could be talking to your mobile device I’m not going to judge you! The answer is, it really does have a good plot line and it’s an interesting read! You can get “Vampire Girl” by Karpov Kinrade for $0.99 on Amazon Kindle and in paperback on for $10.29 (not gonna lie, I wouldn’t pay $10.29 for a 153 page novella when you can get it on your Kindle or download the Kindle app for free and then download the novella for $0.99).

Overall I’m going to rate this one a 5.5 out of 10 because the story line is really good it just needs more fluff to make it better!

The Amaranthine Series by Joleene Naylor


Welcome to Book Reviews By Heather! Normally if I am reading, have read, a series of novels/short stories I would give each an individual review. Considering I read this series like I had just ran a marathon and needed hydration, I will be writing this first review on the entire series and short stories! Yes, it is that good!

I found the series by complete accident while browsing the “Free Nook Books” section of ¬† (I’m a thrifty shopper don’t judge). What initially grabbed me was the cover art, seeing as how I discovered the “Vampire Morsels” short stories first, I found it interesting that she used colorful cartoon looking illustrations for each characters backstory cover. Do not be fooled by the character illustrations, these ARE NOT children’s books!

I know exactly what you’re thinking, “Oh hell, not ANOTHER sparkly ooey-gooey vampire series,” as you slam your head into a wall and get rushed to the hospital for a concussion. Rest assured this IS NOT one of those….AT ALL! This series is for all of us that know vampires are cold blooded killers, sexy as fuck (if you have a problem with that word why the fuck are you here *smiles innocently*), and best of all they sure don’t sparkle!

I managed to find the complete “Vampire Morsels” series to avoid downloading them each individually and having to back out and find the next one as I currently do own a Nook (duh, why else would I be looking for Nook books).¬†Let me explain that you don’t have to read the actual novels to read the “Vampire Morsels” as it can be a stand alone series.

Each short story of “Vampire Morsels” gives a bit of background for each character you will encounter in the Amaranthine Series. I was hooked from the very first story and couldn’t stop reading! There are 9 novels in the series as well as a prequel, 17 short stories in “Vampire Morsels,” 13 short stories in “Thirteen Guests” which is a companion series to book #8, 7 short stories in “Tales of the Executioners,” a companion short story to the prequel “Brothers of Darkness” entitled “Road To Darkness,” 6 short stories in “Tales from the Island,” a mini-prologue collection for book number 5 “Heart of The Raven,” and “101 Tips For Traveling With A Vampire.” There is also a nifty “handbook” called “Amaranthine Files: The Official Illustrated Handbook.” There are special collectors editions for the 9 primary novels and the prequel available in paperback only.

This series is completely amazing! The first few primary novels are available for free on your e-reader so it’s not like you’ll be out money if you don’t like them. All I’m saying is give this authors series a chance because you won’t be disappointed! Below I have included the primary novels in order with the prequel first:

  • Patrick’s Story: Brother’s of Darkness
  • Shades of Grey
  • Legacy of Ghosts
  • Ties of Blood
  • Ashes of Decent
  • Heart of the Raven
  • Children of Shadows
  • Clash of Legends
  • Masque of the Vampire
  • Goddess of Night

This is definitely mt favorite series of novels to date! The characters are well developed and relateable (obviously not a word according to spellcheck), the series has it’s roller coaster of emotion which is perfectly done. You may find the lead female character in the primary series a bit annoying (I did. I mean sometimes she needs a good talking to because life ain’t all unicorns and butterflies princess). Overall I give this series a 10 out of 10!