The Diabolical Miss Hyde by Viola Carr


Sorry it’s been so long but life happens and e-readers need to be replaced! After getting my new one I finally got my hands on a novel I’ve been dying to read….The Diabolical Miss Hyde. As shocking as it may sound my favorite genre is Gothic Horror and one of my favorite stories has always been The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The ultimate good and evil allegory!

The Diabolical Miss Hyde is the first in a series of novels known as The Electric Empire Series. Set in a Steampunk era, with nifty gadgets and a compelling mystery, Viola Carr has turned Dr. Jekyll into a Steampunk Sherlock Holmes with a metal dog (talks like Doctor Who’s K-9). Dr. Eliza Jekyll is the daughter of the late Dr. Henry Jekyll and let’s just say she inherited his affliction. Granted, she seems to like her dark side a bit more than Henry.

Eliza has made a place for herself in a predominantly male led society but, of course, there’s got to be an antagonist. Some parts this novel are rushed with little help in understanding. There’s also areas where I honestly had no fucking clue what the author was saying and way way way more explanation was needed! There’s also a deeper backstory that was NEVER explained fully so by the end of the first novel I was annoyed as all hell.




The one thing that irked the tee total shit out of me was that the author decided to make Eliza’s bad side, Lizzie Hyde, develop feelings for the main male character. It made no sense. There was this believable tension between the male and Eliza and then this sharp turn where out of nowhere he’s fucking Lizzie. I was sitting here reading it and found myself literally shaking my head “no.” It honestly makes no damn sense. Hopefully she will rectify her actions in book two. I’ll definitely let you know!

The Diabolical Miss Hyde can be found at Barnes and Noble in paperback for $12.80 or on Nook for $8.99. It’s also the exact same price on Amazon.

Giving this one a 6 out of 10 due to sheer annoyance.


Moon Light Prince (Vampire Girl #4) by Karpov Kinrade


Sorry it’s taken me so long to get you a review on this one! I was writing a story for a contest and got super into the story I was writing, my apologies! But here it is, the review for Moon Light Prince (Vampire Girl #4) by the husband and wife team that make up Karpov Kinrade.

Characters that have been throughout the series reveal secrets, war is waged, lots of blood and death. The useless characters, yeah guess what? They all of a sudden get shipped back to the Earth realm and don’t show up again until the end. I’m still asking myself, “Why not just remove them completely?” I have a pretty good idea but I really don’t want to speculate.

A spin-off series did come from this but it’s not by the same authors. I might check it out just to see how it measures up, I might be impressed or it might blow. I wasn’t very impressed by the ending I feel like more could have been done to make this series something amazing. Instead, it fell very flat of my expectations. Honestly, I’m not even sure if I want to read any of their other works without knowing the page count first.

Once again I totally feel like intimate relationships are forced, and there’s a very specific thing (I don’t want to spill it it’s a plot twist) but the whole thing surrounding it is just not realistic. “But, Heather, you’re reading a book about Hell and it’s leaders and a girl falling in love and faeries. What the fuck were you expecting?” I’m glad you asked! I was expecting something relateable. It’s like when women watch porn, we don’t want to just see the action we want to see the motive behind it! We want to know why the pizza man decided to put sausage on the menu!!

You can get Moon Light Prince in paperback through Amazon for $10.58 or free if you have Kindle Unlimited. Regular Kindle is $4.99. You can also get the paperback on for $10.58. The page count for this one is 179 so please don’t spend $10 on something you can download a free app for and get for $4.99.

Overall, I’m sticking this one with a 5 out of 10. Needs to be “re-vamped” (I made a punny) into a much more detailed series with a more put together ending.