Silver Flame by Karpov Kinrade (Vampire Girl #3)


Guys…..guys…..HOLY SHIT this installment took this series to a whole new level! I was very impressed, overall, with this one. There’s dragons burning down forests, tiger dudes, flaming swords, explosions, and all around general badassery! Like it’s first two installments it’s short, only 176 pages, but it’s packed with action from the get go and shit just got real in the underworld!

*1,2,3,4 I declare a Hell war* Sorry, it popped into my head and it was catchy….

I still feel there are characters that have no purpose whatsoever and that some of the best parts of the story needed more in depth descriptions. The lead characters finally do the deed in this one and I wanted details, damnit! (Stop calling me a perv, like you don’t like a good sex scene!)

There were three major shockers in this one and I refuse to spoil any of them! I actually had to re-read a whole chapter because I wanted to make sure I read what I thought I read! I still feel like with better descriptions it would make an amazing novel series.

Silver Flame is available on Amazon Kindle for free, only if you have Kindle Unlimited, and for $3.99 for regular Kindle. Amazon also has the paperback version for $9.99 (with the length and lack of description I don’t recommend paying that much for it.) It is also available in paperback form from Barnes & Noble for $10.24.

This one is better than the two previous but still lacking a bit so I’m giving this on a 6.5 out of 10.